celebrate you on March 08th..

You are a woman of substance.

Whatever you maybe doing, wherever you maybe, you are a woman whose worth and value far exceeds what you think you are capable of.

As women, we often face challenges that often bring out the best in us. Strength within we did not know we possessed. But such is the wonder of being a woman.

As mothers, wives, sisters, aunts and friends, we are constantly engaged in the business of empowering others, reaching out and encouraging them – we are often the first to applaud and the last to give up.

Honestly speaking, women do not need a special day that makes them feel special.

International Women’s Day

Everyday belongs to us. As entrepreneurs, career women, mothers and the like, we set out at dawn and retire at night. During the day, we give so much of ourselves to our children, families and the community.

International Women’s Day however does help to shine a light into the prejudice against women that exist in one form or another. From Hollywood’s fight against sexual discrimination. #Metoo to the fight for freedom in some countries where women do not have right, the issues that concern women are very real and sometimes scary.

From such a perspective, yes it is good to have a day that is set aside to recognise and fete women.

Equality and justice

Amidst a call for equality and justice for women, the International Women’s Day also highlights aspects such as activism among rural women who, according to UN statistics, make up over a quarter of the world’s population.

Activists and women’s rights groups have their say on Match 08th and would like to sue the occasion to champion women’s rights. empowering them to realise their full potential. Female entrepreneurs are able to highlight issues that face them most.

Away from the world stage, on to the home and family , as women we do fight battles that never seem to end – daily. Single parent households put extra challenges on women who must play the role of both parents to children, while earning a living and taking care of responsibilities.

Positive vibes for women

Women juggle a career and a home front often enough. The first to reach out to children and address their needs, she is also the one to go last to sleep. The burden on us women to go the extra mile is often exaggerated by the pressure brought on by social norms. Look good, feel good and generate positive vibes.

All the time.

Today, be the special woman that are. Celebrate your strengths, your abilities and your achievements. They do not have to be big. They are often significant enough to make a difference in someone’s life.

Celebrate who we are

As women we must be able to celebrate the fact that women do matter. The old adage about the hand that rocks the cradle ruling the world is true – even if politically correctness may deem otherwise.

Celebrate your diversity, your strengths, your journey so far. It is a time to look back and to give ourselves a pat on the back.  Find the time for yourself – give yourself that extra time at the spa, a time of rejuvenation and rest. Take yourself out on a trip of retail therapy. Whatever it takes to make us feel special – not just today but everyday.





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