Why is enhanced family leave so important?

family leave

“Family comes first.” We’ve all heard it, but with the hustle and bustle of life, how many of us can honestly say that you live according to the principle? Work blankets over pretty much everything in your adult life, and the responsibilities and duties only seem to increase over time. It comes to a point where if you’d have to choose between family and work, no matter what you’d want, you would have to go with work.

How do you change that? Microsoft has come up with the most perfect way to make sure that despite everything, your family does always come first.

According to Microsoft, enhanced family leave is a must. They say that their employees bring best to their work, to support their missions, strategy and culture with constant enthusiasm and passion. And why shouldn’t they find a way to maximize the effort put in by these employees?

Enhanced family leave comes in two kinds:

  1. Enhanced leave for parents – Microsoft offers bonding time with the employee’s newborn. Maternity leave goes up to 20 weeks, while they are on a paid vacation. It is the same for paternal and parental leave, which is 6 weeks. For employees who have adopted kids, Microsoft offers a fully paid vacation of 12 weeks for mothers, and 6 for fathers.
  2. New family caregiver leave – Unlike the parental leave, not every firm offers caregiver leave. However, Microsoft has come to an understanding that family does not limit to children and has extended the leave with this. Employees can take up to 4 weeks of a fully paid leave to cater to the needs of family members in serious health conditions.

Microsoft believes that all its employees should have well balanced lives. “We believe our people deserve our best. With family leave enhancements they can help focus on the things that matter. This fosters an inclusive environment that empowers them to bring their best to the table”

The key to extract the full potential out of anyone is to ensure that they are fully present at work and fully present at work. This way everyone can reap the best results at both work and home alike.

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