Entrepreneur, are you an Alpha Bear?

Like it or not, some people believe that acquiring animal instincts, also known as killer instincts, are vital in business . Especially for women entrepreneurs. 

To go for the kill, to make strategic moves and to possess the kind of ruthless focus that enables animals to succeed in the wild can indeed be adapted for the business world.

But how does it connect to the over-all picture of running a business and making it work?

As we have always known, nurturing instincts have given women the edge in emotional intelligence and managing people better. Women are able to manage issues, people and adverse situations better when they can apply their motherly skills.

But this may not always be the case. Increasingly women alongside their male counterparts, are finding out that possessing Alpha skills may even be called necessary to continue with the winning streak.

Ruthless focus for entrepreneurs –

Alpha Bear qualities are governed by ruthless focus on reality – living as we do in harsh environments, understanding reality is vital to make it count in entrepreneurship. Do you manage by the numbers, the performance, the actual day to day happenings rather than waiting on a wishing ticket of what you want to hear or what you believe your business could become?

Animals are real time creatures and they do not waste time on what would be scenarios.

Some of us want to hear the words we want to hear. We allow others and ourselves to sugarcoat just about everything about the business.

Perspective and clear focus is important in allowing ourselves to see things as they really are – then and only then can we make clear cut decisions that help us to become better.

Alpha bears strike –

Alpha bears do not wait to strike – they know when to strike and strike hard. Sometimes we wait it out, not wanting to take even calculated risks.

Waiting to pounce does not happen when it comes to bears. Maybe we are spending too much time looking at the big picture. Or the data available without taking strategic decisions. Just long enough to give competition time to walk in and take it all.

Is the fight gone?

Is the fight gone from your set of skills? For some of us, there is no longer energy left in going for broke. Are you have been an entrepreneur who built a business from nothing? Then you understand the dynamics of making a business enter the next level. There are times of course when you can come back with both guns firing. But don’t let that be a desperate response.  Don’t look around and say things couldn’t get any bleaker. There’s always potential in all of us to come back with vigor and hope for a better tomorrow.

Entrepreneur, can you wait it out?

How many of us can wait it out – some of us become desperate and give up but animals have the patience and the capacity to wait out a prey. While possessing the capacity and the capability to fight, will you also have the maturity and the depth to wait it out? You need to be able to possess both set of skills – animals are able to strike when needed, wait it out when needed and even hibernate when needed.

Hibernation –

Hibernating is a quality that also calls for a unique sense of being equipped. If the markets are down and the orders tight, then sometimes it helps to lie low and let the crisis wash over. Too many people press too many panic buttons and make a mess of it. When it is time to downsize, cut down costs and go austere, it is time to hibernate. Businesses do benefit from hibernation because it often changes perspectives.

Cover your back –

Too many of us get busy about going forward that we forget to cover our backs. Alpha bears usually know how to keep the rear covered. You might be doing well but you might also be leaving a flank open for attack.

Competition may come out of nowhere and get you just when you thought you have got it going. A case in point maybe if as an entrepreneur, you may not have obtained registration for your particular set of USPs, logo etc or not patented your own inventions. Someone can always imitate and believe me, there are many copycats out there, and take the business away from you before you know it.

Stick together

Animals stick together in herds and benefit from the flow down effect – a company that you have built is essentially family. Just how are your interpersonal relationships with those closest to you in your business – once in a while, it is good to evaluate those relationships and appraise them in more ways than one.

Animal instincts can teach us a lot more than we care to learn. All it takes is a simple effort to sit still and learn.

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