Will Meghan Markle outshine Kate Middleton?


There hasn’t been one topic this past week that has managed to sweep off the news of Meghan Markle getting engaged to Prince Harry.  The couple is to get married next May. This does beg the question of whether she would be a similar kind of princess as Kate Middleton.

Kate is who we are used to seeing: the storybook princess with the storybook life. Would the Biracial American actress outshine the English duchess in her role as a princess?

Here’s what we have so far to assume that she’d be a different sort of princess.

Early life:

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton was born into a traditional English family that has hosted the British Royalty since the 1920s. Her father has distant aristocratic roots and trust funds that go back many years.

However, Meghan Markle, though was privileged had a different childhood. She was born in LA. Her father was an Emmy award winning lighting director and her mother was a therapist, though they split when she was 6 years old.


Both Kate and Meghan were educated in renowned private schools. Whereas Kate went onto get an Undergraduate MA (2:1 Hons) in the history of art, Meghan managed to get a double major in theatre and international relations.

Career life:

Kate did not have much of a career life. Everything she wanted was basically handed to her. She worked part time with jigsaw and that was all she did apart from her various charities, she started after marrying the prince. Ms.Markle, however interned with the US Embassy in Buenos Aires as soon as she graduated. With the goal of becoming an actress firmly set in mind, she took every opportunity that came her way. She was first brought to TV as a briefcase girl on the game show, Deal or No Deal. Meghan has played minor characters in over 12 TV shows and is no stranger to the camera. She now plays Rachel Zane in Suits. Apart from her acting career, she actively participates in many charities with the UN.


Kate was that girl in college that every man wanted and every girl wanted to be. She was not particularly interested in dating and has not been seen in public with any other man even before she met William. Meghan Markle was as different from Kate as she could be when it comes to romance. The American beauty had had many relationships that were known to the public. She got married to Trevor Engelson the same year Kate married prince William. The marriage, however, did not last. She has dated other men after her divorce and now she only has eyes for Prince Harry after she met him in LA through mutual friends.



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