The guidelines for perfect cleavage


As women, we are constantly worrying and stressing about how we look. And let’s face it, cleavage plays a big role in how a woman is seen by others. It could either make you look class or trashy, but there’s only a fine line between them. Whether you’re petite or have the goods to flaunt, what people notice is how confident you look about your body.  So it is very important to know when cleavage is too much or too little, in order to get through the day without a sweat.

Here are some tips on how to perfect the use of your cleavage:

Acknowledge the obvious

Do a double take before you go out. Every time. Get your friend or partner to tell you how you look. And if they let you know that there is something that’s wrong with how you’re displaying yourself, change. Judge yourself from a third person’s perspective to get an honest idea about how you look and feel. Don’t always go for the same look, as cleavage can sometimes be an asset as well as your downfall. Treat them with respect as they are your femininity and sexuality.

Less is more, sometimes

This applies to your office life, as well as important events in your personal life. For example, you should never wear a low cut dress with no bra, if you’re meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time. When it comes to work, unless cleavage is supposed to be an asset (such as in fashion), do not choose to be sexy over being professional. Always choose to have not more than one inch of an opening in these circumstances.

Be age appropriate

Maybe when you were younger, you used to be fit and fabulous. But it does not give you permission to ignore gravity and age. When you hit your forties, always opt for well-fitting bras to compliment a natural mature bust line. It is no reason to be ashamed. Wear your years with pride. Camouflage your less than perfect skin with a lacy camisole and you’d have achieved a sophisticated and sexy look very simply. After all, it is never too old to be sexy.

Big breasts

  • V-neck lines will elongate your neck
  • Seamings on top to emphasis your waist
  • Wrap dresses for an hourglass look
  • Big plunging necklaces
  • Avoid square necklines

Small breasts

  • Pleating, gathering, beading at the waist
  • Wrap dresses for a flattering shape


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