Pregnancy Fashion of the Duchess of Cambridge


When you’re married to a prince, the whole world is interested in everything you do, say and, of course, wear. Kate Middleton, now known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, after her marriage to Prince William, recently announced that she is pregnant. For the third time.

Kate Middleton is a natural beauty that has a great sense of fashion. The whole world knows it. To most people, she resembles Princess Diana mainly due to this reason. She, like her mother-in-law, has made heads turn ever since she was introduced to royalty.

As one would very correctly assume, the Duchess of Cambridge, didn’t let this reputation of hers slide away. Even during her two previous pregnancies. We can all expect that she would keep the fashion trends up, during her third pregnancy as well.

Kate’s first pregnancy:

Four years ago, when Kate was pregnant with Prince George, she chose to be the simple girl she had been all her life. Her maternity wear mainly consisted of short, sweet, casual and budget friendly outfits that highlighted her youth and beauty. She was just starting to get the taste of top end fashion. Even though she was simple in the way she dressed, she still remained sophisticated to a certain degree.

As it was the first time the Duchess was expecting, she made some slight mistakes with her wardrobe. As any of us would. She made the classic blunder of assuming the standard clothes. Most of the simple, short, and sweet frocks she wore were elegant and dashing in the first trimester. But as time passed, the frocks rode up too high revealing too much of her legs. However, we can all agree that Kate Middleton still managed to look like the gorgeous woman and graceful duchess that she is. Even during a tough time as her first pregnancy, she still managed to look her absolute best.

Kate’s second pregnancy:

Kate Middleton was pregnant with her daughter, Princess Charlotte, in 2014/2015. This time around, there was an obvious change in the duchess’s wardrobe. She had moved away from the simple and casual frocks into wearing coats and sophisticated cover-ups. Her outfits were significantly more fashionable and elegant than those from the first time around. Most of her maternity dresses were designer and had cost a fair amount of money, given that she is the duchess of Cambridge. Her purpose made maternity-wear was from the UK label Seraphine. And all of the coats and cover-ups lifted her glow and beauty.

She also had a fair share of maternity clothing designed for winter by Hobbs, Mulberry and Goat.

What will she be wearing in her third pregnancy?

Although the Duchess of Cambridge remained well within a normal budget for her two previous pregnancies, she dressed up in a £1420 silk poppy printed designer dress to announce her third pregnancy.

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