You CAN fall in love with your husband – again!

We say I do to love and to cherish for a lifetime but let’s face it – it doesn’t always happen that way. Life happens, children come along, careers come into focus and before you know it, as the years roll by, the two of you no longer find the spark. Keeping your relationship is alive is vital for your marriage.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Think about it. Falling in love once again with the man who shares the bed and the home with you, can be an exciting experience that will both enrich and enliven your marriage and your lives.

But how can you set about it? Check out these tips to fully understand why and how you CAN and must fall in love all over again with the man who asked and got your hand in marraige.

Re-connect with old times –

This is a great way to put the love back into your marriage. What was it that attracted you in the first place to him? Was it the way he smiled or the way he looked at you when your eyes locked? Recall the days when you were dating and couldn’t wait to see one another. Replay the old songs – every couple has a song and playing it can bring back the memories of love’s first days..

Go on Date Nights –

Date Nights are vital for every marriage. The two of us must find the time and the space to spend together as a couple, away from the children and the hustle and bustle of everyday living. Go on a Date Night, sit and spend some time having dinner and just talking. It does wonders to rejuvenate the marraige.

Share things –

Couples who share their day and exchange information can keep the dialogue going. It is sad when couples no longer have anything to say to one another except with regard to children and or household chores. Find the time to share things and look forward to it. Wait to reconnect with your spouse after a hard day at work. Make sure that you find the space and time for your relationship to work.

Do things together for the relationship –

Too many couples like doing their own thing, after many years of marriage.  Yet keeping a relationship alive means doing things together. This usually signifies a distance between the two of you, which can easily allow a third party or an unwanted liaison to creep in. Always find some time to do things together. It can be anything from going on a walk to even watching TV together. As long as you spend time in each other’s company, doing things together can make a marriage strong.

Talk to each other during the day –

When you send that text message reminding him to collect the laundry, don’t forget to send a heart as well. Find the time to talk or send a text during the day, even on the busiest day. It helps that he knows you are thinking of him. You can share a joke or a saying – as long as it acts as a communication touchpoint between the two of you.

Remember that a marriage takes work – just like everything else in life. That work becomes a labour of love when you choose to fall in love with the man in your life all over again.




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