Do you have a perfect mother-daughter relationship?

Being a mother and a daughter are two of the most precious experiences a woman could have in her life. We are all daughters, and some are lucky enough to call themselves mothers of amazing daughters. It all seems so perfect. No two souls less alike, no two people more suited to have a beautiful bond. A perfect mother-daughter relationship can truly be the most wonderful thing.

But what happens when the harmony is taken away? Little disagreements that spiral into being fights that could end up destroying the relationship? Or if you two grow apart due to whatever reason?

Here are three crucial tips on securing that perfect mother-daughter relationship:

Don’t criticize:

It could be that you two are alike in ways that you can’t even begin to fathom. But even mothers and daughters have their differences. And when these differences come to the stage, everything else seems to fall apart. Don’t let this happen. Mothers: don’t criticize your daughter’s life choices. After all, it is her life and if she is an adult, she should have the right to make decisions for herself, and if it comes to that, she herself would suffer the consequences. Don’t stand to be the barricade between your daughter and the world. Support her. Only intervene if you think you must. And as for daughters: understand that your mother only wants the best for you. Accept the praise and the advice. Don’t criticize her parenting methods.

Common interests:

Once again, you two are mother and daughter. You’re bound to each other by DNA, and that says a lot. So explore common interests. You might not think there aren’t many, given the generation gap. But you’d be surprised by how similar your interests actually are. If you can’t find any, then you the two of you could try something new, like taking a painting class together. Don’t miss out on a chance to bond over something with your mother or daughter. If possible, have a third generation of mom or daughter join as well. This way, you can tighten the bond among all of you while being exemplary to the young ones.

Better relationship through communication:

It is true, that both you and your mother or daughter could have very busy lives. But it would be a shame if you let that stand as an excuse not to have the perfect mother-daughter relationship. There probably might be times when, even though you two are living in the same house, you don’t talk as you used to do. Don’t let lack of communication ruin your relationship with one of the most important ladies in your life. Start a conversation, keep it simple and stay away from toxic topics that get the two of you fired up. If you can’t meet her regularly, you can always text, call, or Facetime. Technology has made it that easy for you, so why hold back?

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