Is your marriage affair proof?

Every woman likes to think that her marriage is affair-proof. Well, you know what?  No marriage is. The most loving spouse can have an affair, under the right circumstances.

It is often up to us to keep the spark alive in the marriage. Often life happens and you find that there is a lot of distance between the two of you. This is dangerous and can often leave enough room for someone else to come into the marriage.

Check out the following tips towards making sure your marriage is affair-proof.


Don’t let trust and honesty slip away:

Trust and honesty are the foundation to any good relationship and marriage is no different. To feel secure in your marriage life, don’t let secrets get in the way. Secrets are the iceberg that would sink your Titanic ship of a marriage. Never hide anything in a marriage you would not want your husband to have kept hidden from you.

Date nights:

Both of you might be very busy with other components of your lives, but make some time for yourself. At least once in two weeks, go out to a restaurant or have a picnic. Recreate that magical feeling, you had when you first started going out. The fireworks would never stop if only you allow them to – keep the spark alive.

Don’t push him away:

As a strong independent woman, you might be confident that you can handle whatever happens in your life. And you may be right, but think of your husband. Your husband vowed to be there for you, no matter what, so give him a chance. Don’t push him away because he will feel estranged by you.

Be thoughtful:

As you get older, and your marriage loses that aura of novelty, you might have fewer things to look forward to. The excitement would be replaced by mundane consistency. Make your husband his favorite meal, take him to a game, surprise him with a hug or a kiss when he least expects it. The little things, keep a marriage alive.

Avoid temptation:

Your spouse isn’t the only specimen of the opposite gender you come across in your daily life. And you might feel as if there is someone better for you out there. But don’t give in to the temptations. There is a reason you married your husband. Always have flashbacks of when your lives weren’t so complicated and you’ll be able to keep the chemistry alive.

Meet each other’s needs:

Even though you could be perfectly compatible, you still don’t have the ability to read minds. So speak up about your needs. Make sure that you treat each other with love and respect. This will put a stop to those petty arguments about not having your needs met.

Always listen:

Men don’t always prefer to talk about emotions. So when your husband willingly speaks up about his problems, listen. It’s the least you can do. Don’t postpone these little conversations. Be present in the moment and give him your full attention.

Don’t compare and contrast:

Let your husband know that he is the only man in the world for you. Avoid comparing him to someone you know he’ll feel jealous about. And let everybody else know that, as far as you’re concerned, your husband is good enough for you.

Working on a marriage takes work, just like everything else in life. Keep at it.

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