Lessons mothers can bring to business

Mothers. They made us who we are, and believe it or not, every single little lesson they’ve taught us since we were kids, was to prepare us for the real world. You might be a mom yourself, so you know you would always want nothing but the best for your little ones.

Sometimes you might struggle as women entrepreneurs, or women at work. Think about all the wonderful life lessons your mom has given you. You’d be surprised by how many of those divine tips you can incorporate into your work life to be a successful woman.

Here are few of the many lessons moms can bring to business:


Practice makes perfect:

You’ve probably heard this phrase every time you whined to your mom about exams being too difficult or swimming practices being too tiring. Chances are, 100% of the times, she was right. So why not use this technique with your work as well? If something is holding you back, and if you’re lacking in confidence, practice until you perfect it.

Speak up:

In the business world, you would have to interact with and come across many people, most of whom are much more experienced than you are. It can be intimidating to be a woman in business, and the pressure of this can catch up to you. Remember when your mom used to say that you should always speak up to anyone, about what you feel about it? Do the same when it comes to business. Don’t hold out on your thoughts. Let them be heard.

Dress for success:

When you were small, your mother used to pick your clothes out for you. And when you grew out of that, she still used to make a point in saying you should always dress appropriately, according to the time and place. She always dressed impeccably, and you should too. Keep your work attire simple and professional. You can’t go wrong with that.

Mind your manners:

If you had a penny for every time you’ve heard your mom say this, you probably won’t even need a job. All joking aside, she said this with the best interests in heart. Include this lesson in your work life as well. Be polite at all times. Don’t let your temper and the stress get the best of you. Keep it professional. Thank anyone and everyone who make it easier for you to get your work done. Simple things, but they go a long way.

Be yourself:

Your mom always advised you to not let anything get to you. Whenever you were insecure and scared, she would tell you to be yourself because in the end, you’re the only person that can be you. It boosted your confidence up when you were small, and it would do the same even now. Be original with your business, and keep away from the stereotypical ideas. Don’t be afraid to build a name up for yourself.

Be practical: 

Mothers thrive on practicality. They are the most pragmatic when it comes to getting work done. Moms know best about what works and what doesn’t – apply the lessons in practical living to your business just as mom would have approved.


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