Why you should follow your dreams


Do you have dreams you want to follow? Those you want to cling to tenaciously?

That’s what Jeff Bezos, founder of online retail giant Amazon, did.

The Amazon founder went from giving up a well-paying, comfortable job to found the world’s biggest online retail company, Amazon and in the process, become one of the richest people in the world. He says “I took the less safe path to follow my passion, and I’m proud of that choice”.

Jeff Bezos followed his dreams – although not everyone may have done it, he risked everything which most of us hesitate to do. But it paid off.

However, living your dream is also about hard work and commitment. Without which, nothing can be worked out.

Think about it – can you pursue your dream? Is it worth the while?

You only live one life:

As the kids these days say, “YOLO”:  you only live once. Don’t live your life hoping and praying for some miracle to happen that will mold it the way you want it to be. Instead you, yourself would have to be the change and the driving force behind your own success. Don’t sit and wait for things to happen because it’ll turn your life into a nightmare instead of the dream you wanted to follow so badly

No regrets:

Living a regret-free life can be truly satisfying. If you stick with the mundane cubicle job you hate so much, chances are you will definitely end up regretting that as you grow older. Every choice you make has an opportunity cost and as a rational woman, make sure your sacrifices would pay off in the long run. After all, wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel that rush of well-earned happiness rather than pointless regret?

You’d be in control of your life:

Waking up every day, knowing you have to show up at a job you don’t even like, can be very tiring to your soul. It could even kill your dreams. So take the steering wheel and steer your life towards your dreams, and they will take you to success. After all, as they say, if you shoot for the moon, you’ll at least land among the stars. You will feel empowered as a woman that you know exactly where you want to be, it’ll be the reason you wake up with a smile, every morning.

Proving others wrong:

There are those that will always say that you don’t have what it takes to be successful and reach the zenith of your potential as a woman. This is your chance to prove all the naysayers wrong. Add this fuel to the fire that is your dream and you’ll be unstoppable. Those people might actually be inspired by you and start pursuing their own dreams as well.

It will fill the hearts of everyone that matters with pride:

It is not that uncommon to hear stories of people who were discouraged by their parents, teachers, spouses, friends or even themselves. But the truth is they’re only looking out for you and when you reach your dreams, there will be no one prouder than they are of you.


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