Seven Seas Nutri -Trio – the power of natural oats in reducing weight

Oats as we know it, is a healthy food that encourages digestion and is included in many dietary options.

Research confirms that Beta Glucan present in Oat Bran, creates a feeling of satiety when consumed as a part of a healthy diet. When combined with exercise and a healthy lifestyle, Oat Bran can reduce weight considerably.

Seven Seas Nutri- Trio from the world leader in nutrition, Seven Seas, contains high strength Beta Glucan with CoQ10 and Fibersol 2 for greater weight management. Seven Seas Nutri -Trio also helps reduce cholesterol and improve the Glycemic Index, encouraging lowering of blood sugar levels.

Oat Bran nature’s wonder food for a healthy lifestyle

The naturally derived Beta Glucan found in Seven Seas Nutri -Trio comes from Oat Bran, one of nature’s wonder foods that naturally induces a feeling of fullness.

Research shows that when Oat Bran which is soluble fibre is digested, it forms a gel like substance which induces a feeling of satiation.

The capacity of soluble dietary fibre, also known as Fibersol 2, to decrease hunger and increase satiety hormones in humans when ingested with a meal, has been confirmed in clinical trials conducted at the Iowa State University and featured in the Science Direct nutritional research journal, in 2015.

Effectiveness of soluble fiber

In addition, several other research exercises conducted on the effects of Fibersol 2 and Beta Glucan as powerful soluable fibre sources that can impact obesity by bringing weight down, have confirmed the effectiveness.

While it maybe easier to consume Oat Bran in natural form in order to obtain its goodness, this is always not possible in adequate quantities. Hence, a nutritional supplement such as Seven Seas Nutri -Trio enables us to obtain the required quantities of soluble fibre it its most potent form.

Given today’s diets of processed foods, it is not always possible to obtain the right quantities of soluble fibre needed for healthy digestion and weight management by food alone.

Naturally reducing GI & cholesterol

Seven Seas Nutri- Trio lowers cholesterol naturally, reduces glycemic index, helps in weight management and also aids in the digestion of food, reducing the chance of constipation. It also improves immune function of the body.

Seven Seas Nutri- Trio contains no sugar and is a good source of magnesium, iron and zinc. It is of non-dairy origin and is suitable for vegetarians. It is delicious when taken with warm milk or sprinkled over a soup or fruit. Highly palatable with a fresh taste of vanilla, Seven Seas Nutri- Trio delivers a much needed dose of soluble fibre to our everyday consumption, combining many powerful factors in one.

Combine in with your health shake, fruit bowl or even a salad. Taken before meals or after meals, for a healthy addition to your nutrition. Seven Seas Nutri -Trio is also great as a in between snack, in order to keep the snack intake low. Not only is it healthy but also great on nutrition.



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