What Defines Beauty Today?

What defines beauty in the 21st century?

A woman’s beauty is a topic that never dials down in the society. Today, the lifestyle we lead. defines our beauty. Women all around the world are somehow compelled to be beautiful. Some of it stems from the society we live in, yet some of it is self-inflicted. Women were found to be beautiful if only they appeared flawless; flawed women were shunned.

But isn’t everyone imperfect and perfect in their own distinctive way?

Isn’t beauty to be celebrated in our own unique way? Given the fact that each of us are individuals, with individual highlights?


Is beauty the same as hiding your flaws?

Beauty is subjective. But some women go out of their way to look like perfect human Barbie dolls – for many reasons. Whereas some do it to raise their own self-esteem and confidence, others might do it for career reasons or to gain the approval and praise of the world.

Kylie Jenner rose to fame when she was just a mere baby. She underwent many cosmetic and plastic surgeries to finally get her bombshell look and her famous Kylie lips. It is true that she is indeed a gorgeous woman now, but what’s so good about beauty that isn’t real?

The amount of makeup a woman wears, or how slim she is or just how silky her hair is, can’t determine whether she is beautiful or not. However, even tweens and teenagers follow this trend to hide their “flaws” in order to feel like they belong among a plastic population.


Natural beauty for the win:

In a world with millions of Kylies, and Kims, there are certain other women who take it in their stride: women who accept the fact that everyone is naturally beautiful. This type of behavior encourages other women to live a simple and satisfying life as well; a life where what other people say don’t burden you. Model, Winnie Harlow who suffers from a strong case of Vitiligo, set a great example for women everywhere who’ve held themselves back due to not being idealistically beautiful. She embraced her flaw and proved to the world that nothing can take a naturally beautiful girl down.

The ever so popular Marilyn Monroe strongly supported the idea of a woman being herself and staying beautiful the way she is. She herself didn’t have a flat stomach or perfect skin. However, people everywhere still consider her as one of the most beautiful women ever to have lived.

The “Dark is Beautiful” campaign in India speaks out to women everywhere who’ve been told that being white is somehow, a beauty goal. Despite what many men and women alike state, complexion should not determine who is beautiful or not.


It is fair to say that the today’s world doesn’t completely revolve around Botox, hair extensions, spandex and pounds of makeup.

So girls, don’t chase after artificial beauty and don’t hide your flaws. After all, they are not so many flaws as they are a part of you. Embrace everything about yourself that makes you, you.

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