Lessons for women in business from Aishwarya on the Cannes red carpet

No one else can shine like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan can.  She proved yet again that she is a true celebrity. For women in business, the former beauty queen held out many lessons on the Cannes 2017 red carpet.

She had the world’s attention, as she swirls and held her hands together for the traditional Indian gesture of welcome. At 43, she is still very much the stunning Bollywood queen who has worn her laurels well. Accompanying her was her five year old daughter and husband Abishek. So what is is about Aishwarya that the world loves – at Cannes not doubt, where the cream of the world’s movie stars gather?

What lessons can we as women in business, learn from this woman who has single handedly managed the roles of movie star, mother and wife?

True Beauty – She oozes glamour but she is also truly beautiful sans any of the artificial add ons. She has always been a beautiful woman, from the time she wore the crown back in the day as a beauty queen.

Poise and elegance- Aishwarya is far from being trashy – she knows how to hold herself with elegance and poise. She represents class and the kind of inner beauty that no money can buy. It does make a huge difference. She didn’t have to show flesh like some of the celebs of today, to make an announcement.

Minimal yet impeccable – She chose just the right colour and the right setting to make her presence felt. The colour suited her to a tee and the dress didn’t carry her as sometimes dresses like this do – she carried it to perfection. She wore minimal jewellery yet was a picture of poised, under stated glamour.

She wore the best jewellery – her personality – This is one of the best lessons she can teach us women in business. Nothing can put you in the limelight like your personality. Not one fake or forced but one cultivated over a period of time to reflect who you truly are. Let that be your best beauty secret as a woman in business.

How to make a grand entrance the right way – She also shows us how to make a grand entrance yet without a single word being spoken. Her elegance says it all. The hair in place, the dress just right and her demeanour composed and collected.

Body language says a lot – For women in business,s a key factor is how Aishwarya’s body language says it all.  She holds herself well and makes a confident entry without faltering or paying too much attention outside her immediate focus. She holds herself with true class and makes a statement about who she really is.


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