Why choose linen for everyday wear…


06 handy hints

We all know the fab qualities of linen

Whether as a summer dress, pants or a long kurta that can flow flawlessly in the heat of the day…so what makes linen so fabulous, whether you are steaming under a tropical sun or in cooler climes? We love linen because of how comfortable it makes us feel – also because it works well as a versatile fashion statement.

Linen is a cool fabric

Linen lets your skin breath and keeps you cool – because the material does not cling to your skin. It also allows your skin to breathe, without limiting it as synthetic fabrics tend to do. Linen actually keeps you cool and comfortable throughout hot and humid conditions. Wearing linen will definitely make you feel 3-4 degrees cooler than any other fabric.

Linen removes perspiration

Linen does not cling to your body – it gets rid of the sweat and dries fast so you can stay cool. It stays around you without getting stuck to your skin and becoming irritable as much fabrics tend to do.

Linen increases conductivity

Linen is five times higher than silk when it comes to acting as conductivity to heat. When we wear it, it makes sure that the heat and sweat is passed out and does not remain.

Linen reflects heat better

Linen has the capacity to reflect heat off our body – as a fabric; it can shade us from the ill effects of the sun better than other fabrics.

Linen is stronger than cotton

Although cotton is ideal for hot weather, linen makes you feel cooler and comfortable not only because it is stronger than cotton but also because the way it is made allows for greater breathing. Cotton is made from cotton plants while linen is made from flaxseed.

Linen has a heritage

As a fabric, linen has been used for thousands of years – it was even used as a currency in ancient Egypt. Historically, linen has been identified as a fabric that indicated wealth and prestige.

Linen is easy to care for

Linen does not take much to be washed and taken care of. Just make sure you follow the instructions on the garment. Linen can retain shape well as long as you ensure a proper washing cycle.

Linen is said to stimulate blood flow

It is believed that linen as a natural fabric can stimulate the blood flow when used to massage the skin. Because of its natural properties, it forms an ideal barrier on the skin.

Linen retains a great shape

Linen may feel like it expands when you wear it but it can bounce back into great shape with a little effort.

Linen makes you feel and look elegant

There’s nothing more elegant than a hint of cool linen on a summer day – think Downton Abbey and the ladies in summer linen outfits on a hot day. White linen is a timeless classic and can be worn at any time of day.

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