Planning to be a bride in 2017?


10 tips on doing it right

So you are planning to get married in 2017. Wow, it is a decision you have no doubt arrived at, having taken into consideration many factors. Becoming a bride isn’t just the white dress and the bouquet bit. It takes planning, it takes an effort and it takes a lot of effort. But of course, it is all worth it in the end.

So where do we start?

Plan plan plan

If you plan it well, you can manage it quite successfully. In everything planning is essential and being a bride is no different. Plan the process backwards ie from your wedding day onwards. Work on a time plan and include sections such as dress selection and fitting, bride’s maids, bouquets, theme etc.

Start with a theme

The best place to start is with a theme. This way, you can ensure that everything stays within an agreed set of principles. This way, you will also not go off the handle. There can be many extra and additional add-ons in a wedding most of which you really don’t need.

Include all the stake holders from the beginning

Involve everyone in the planning process – not only will they be in the know but they will also help you make decisions that affect all.

Have a clear idea of what you want

It helps to know from the start of what you want exactly. You can change your mind as you go along but then you will not get anywhere. Do the brain storming with yourself and your team before you start down the path towards planning.

Put it in black and white

Writing everything down still makes sense, even in today tech driven world. List out everything you will possibly need. Start crossing them out once they are done.

Don’t lose focus

Remember that it is your wedding and not a fashion show or an awards night. Be realistic. Don’t lose focus of the end goal. Keep your objective in sight at all times.

Don’t get carried away

It is so easy to get carried away – you are the bride. But be aware of limits. There’s so much that you can do on your special day so plan to fill it with a great agenda which does not include everything and everyone.

Avoid the trend trap

Don’t just go along with anything just because it is trendy – that’s a trap. You can include it if you really like it and it suits your theme and your budget.

Remember you are in charge

it is your special day – don’t get carried away with the inputs from the experts. You and your husband-to-be must make the decisions so stick to it. This way, you will avoid any unwanted stuff later on.

Don’t forget to have fun while planning

Planning your wedding must be the most interesting thing you will ever do – so don’t approach it with a serious mind set. Have fun – you are going to be a bride and you must have fun while doing it.

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