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Fresh Face makeup look and the importance of a pre-makeup routine

Today’s video is all about getting a flawless finish in your foundation routine.

I know everyone longs for skin like foundation that of course gives you that glow while covering all your marks. I show step by step my foundation routine and how I try and get a glowing finish while getting better looking skin. I like to talk about the importance of a pre makeup routine. I like to always start with a clean and fresh canvas. You much start feeling fresh and relaxed in my opinion.

I feel it really does make a difference in your makeup application. Try and do maybe a face pack or a scrub beforehand which will take off your dead skin and also clean your face of any impurities. This way your makeup will go on much smoother and flawlessly. Follow this tutorial to get this particular look.

I’ve used all blush tones and nudes in this look, keeping it simple but yet enhancing ones beauty. I think these colors really complement our skin tones because they are our natural contour shades and they just add dimension your face. I like to call this look simply “better version of you”. I think that captures what I have tried to do here perfectly!


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