How do you keep conversation alive in a marriage?


Keeping a conversation alive in a Marriage

Relationships can be tough to maintain – especially that between a husband and a wife. Relationships thrive on communication, as we all know. Simple routine communication such as asking one another about how the day went, can help enrich bonds between one another.

Too often, the signs of a marriage not doing too well is visible in the way communication takes place between a husband and a wife. They spend less and less time talking ; in today’s device driven world when everyone is busy checking their smartphones, this happens very easily.

Drifting apart can happen even to the best of couples – and it usually happens over time. Until suddenly one day, you wonder who the person sitting opposite you at the dinner table is…and then the cracks set in.

But you know what, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Not for one minute. Not if you know how to keep a conversation alive in a relationships – keep the gateways open. Communication is a two way process. One cannot do it alone ; it takes two to keep talking.

Sometimes communication is all about spending time in one another’s company. Maybe not saying much but just sitting down, watching a sunset, watching a movie or simply doing nothing.

A great time to start talking is in the mornings , before the household comes alive with the kids and routine work. You can sit down with the tea or the coffee and have a short but a meaningful conversation before work starts.

Developing comforting rituals together also helps. It can be cooking, cleaning, ironing, mundane things but great ways to connect with each other. Dinner table conversations may not happen as often as we would like them to, but other rituals can be made around any activity just as well.

As they say, date nights help too. Just the two of you, sitting at a restaurant or someplace where you can spend time in each other’s company, is good to renew the relationship.

Sometimes you don’t know what to say ; restarting a conversation can be awkward especially if you have not communicated in a while. Go back to the topics you once loved ; it can be music, recalling old memories or simply swapping stories about the days gone by.

Make conversation an art ; store away information that you think would be good enough to share with your spouse. It can be something that happened during the work day – or in some other setting. But save it for its anecdotal value or simply as a story to be shared with the one you love. Or it maybe as simple as a joke yet one that the two of you can share and have a good laugh about.

Too many of us are occupied with our smartphones and have forgotten to connect with the woman or the man we love. Nothing keeps a marriage alive like good conversation. The art of conversation is actually something we can inculcate, develop and cherish for it allows us the most precious moments in life.

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