10 best ideas for a movie night.


For a perfect evening.

Nothing beats a movie night at home on Friday. A good movie will always keep you entertained and close together.Movies on love, friendship, relationships or adventures will be some good choices for a family movie night.

Satyn Magazine picked out the best 10 movies  which we think are good choices as family movies. Nothing is more comforting on a rainy night than a family movie watched in the comfort of

Stealing Beauty

It is a great creation by legendary director Bernardo Bertolucci, which is a story based on a young American woman, who goes to spend the summer at a villa of some distant cousin family after the suicide of her mother. However, the summer changes her life when she finds her father, discovering her mother’s secrets, and also when she meets the love of her life.

Leap Year

Anna is living a perfect life with a new job, a new apartment in a beautiful city and with her perfect boyfriend who is in no hurry to propose or marry.  So after she decides to propose to her boyfriend in the leap year, she takes a journey across the whole of Ireland, accompanied by a young man. Without even knowing it, she finds her true love.

Under the Tuscan Sun

It’s a lovely story that flows around the life-affirming spirit of Italy. After a hard time of divorce, Francis Mayes moves to a Tuscan villa. A new environment, new friends, welcoming neighbors, a bunch of unexpected advantages and also a new love that wait for her there, heal her.

The Wedding Date

Cat, is a young girl who has no choice but go to her sister’s wedding, where she’ll be going to meet up with her family, cousins, and also her former boy friend. So to avoid getting left out at the party, she hires a man to show her family that he is her new boyfriend. It is a lovely film with a bit of comedy which captures perfectly some of the contradictions of family and love relationships.

A Walk in the Clouds

This film expresses the landscape of postwar America, where two youngsters’ accidental meet as a result of unexpected circumstances, finding themselves caught up in unbelievable events in life.

Secondhand Lions

Jay goes to spend summer with his uncle Garth at his ranch. Though he was dreaming nothing in life at first, with the stories he hears from his cranky old relatives about faraway lands, mysterious adventures, magical kingdoms, and lost treasure he changes his mind to spend the summer with lots of excitement and unbelievable happenings.

Flying Home

Young Colin is a well-meaning businessman, who was told to go to Flanders, Belgium, in order to find a very rare species of dove for his partner in business. But this journey turns his life upside down with the meeting of a wonderful young woman called Isabelle. It’s a heartwarming, beautiful movie to watch.

Shadow Dancer

The story is based on a young man called Jeremy Taylor, an officer at a book publishing business, was given a task to sign a contract from a famous writer called Sheldon Parish. As this writer wasn’t writing anything for the past 20 years, and even talks to virtually no one, Jeremy is trying his best to get to him and also prevent himself not falling in love with the writer’s beautiful daughter.

The Magic of Belle Isle

It is around a story line which tells about a disabled, old writer who is so tired of life. He decides to move to a town in which he once lived when he was famous. Even there he hates most of the people, spends time win constant drinking and is hoping that something will bring about change. Then he gets acquainted with a  young girl, who has a similar life style as him, but loves to tell stories more than anything.


Little Will suddenly became an orphan with the demise of his father. The boy has a dream to go to Istanbul and watch the final Champions’ League.  On his way, he meets Alec, who was a former Yugoslavian football star. The experiences they share help them to learn the meaning of happiness anew.

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