Scared to be a daughter in-law?


Starting a new life..

Though the biggest dream of every woman is to walk on the church isle, wearing a white dress, long veil and holding a bunch of roses, and to be the most important person of the day, and to get closer to the love of life, still everyone shivers inside when they realize that their life is going to be changed, with a new life with the life partner, his family and the new environment.

As a little girl, every woman starts their life by following her parents, so she use to be very easy going and confident enough about life because she knows that her parents are looking after her so she lives like a floating feather.

When she becomes a teenager, her parents guide her and protect her more and advice and discuss about the life matters and they let her feel that they are right next to her all the time.

But at the time a girl realize that she’s going to be a bride soon, she has to set her mind as a responsible adult to have a better life with the future husband. She has to understand the tasks she’ll get in the future as a wife, the duties, how to deal with the intimate life, and also how to take care of the in-laws.

So to be a good daughter in law, what you’re supposed to do?

Achieving your in-laws hearts, especially, your mother-in-laws heart in not that easy. Because, her little baby who was cuddling with her for years are now belongs to another woman who is new to everyone.

Every mom is looking at their sons in a different way than they are thinking about the daughters. Usually, mothers are more concerned about sons, when it comes to the things they have alone in their day-to- day. Mothers think that sons have to be helped at everything and also mothers are it jealous even with the good daughter-in-laws as they feel that the love will be less when he gets married.

The thing you have to understand is all these facts are same with every mom so it’s your responsibility to look at this as a human being.

Getting use to a new home, with new people and handle their attitudes that you have never gone through will be a very big task in life. But when you think about it easily and understand their feelings will be helpful to get on with your in-laws.

And arguments and mismatches of you and his family members is a normal thing. So in that, you have to be able to do your role plays in the proper manner. As a good wife, and also as a good, caring daughter-in-law you should not make fuss on your husband and make complains about his parents and siblings.

You always have to remind yourself that he is also a part of that family and he has a major bond with them. So you just cannot keep him under your wings without letting him act like a responsible son. He has some duties for him family at the same time he is taking care of his new life. So help him and do everything for their parents. Marriage life is a sacrifice; you just cannot stay in bed and cuddle but looking after your in-laws, take care of them and make them happy are the things which you are bound to do.

Even you’re far away from then, just call them and have a chit-chat.  Send cards for mother’s day and father’s day.  Send pictures of their grand children make some food and feed them. Show them that you love them and you’re worried about them.  Be a daughter, not a daughter-in-law.


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