How to choose the bridal bouquet that’s right for you..


Choosing your bouquet is one of the most significant choices for a bride-to-be.

There are so many options and so many opportunities but you need to be both practical and considerate of the most important things. There is a chance you might get carried away with the pictures of bouquets and what others have chosen but you need to keep the vitals in mind before making your choice.

Keep the theme of your wedding in mind – Is it a theme on specific colours , flowers or symbols? In which case, your flowers need to reflect that. Keep in mind that your bouquet forms an integral part of your outfit and must fit in rather than stand out. It makes the first statement about you as you walk out.

Does it go well with your outfit? The perfect bridal outfit is every girl’s dream. Does your bouquet match your outfit? Would it set off your outfit or dull it? You have to make sure that your bouquet would set your outfit off to perfection.

Should it be long or small? This is a vital decision that all brides need to make. If you are small made, then you should not carry a long bouquet which may overwhelm you. A smaller, manageable yet a lovely bouquet would be best. But if you are tall, then you can indeed carry a longer, bigger bouquet but remember it should not cover you up.

What is the colour combination? Some brides have a spectrum of colours for their wedding yet others may choose gold, white or silver. Is your colour theme relevant to the bouquet? Have you made the right choices when it comes to choosing the colours?  Are you looking at having one colour throughout the bouquet or will you have specks of different but related colours in the flowers?

Is it natural or artificial? Some brides prefer natural flowers while others may go for artificial flowers. What suits your budget and your theme best? Artificial flowers can last longer and will not wilt – a factor to consider if you are looking at an outdoor wedding. Natural flowers would be best in an air conditioned environment.

What flowers are you thinking of? Some brides have specific ideas on roses or carnations. There are other more exotic choices such as orchids but even simplest of flowers can be made up to look good in a bridal bouquet. The flowers you choose do not have to be expensive.

Will the bouquet also have greenery? Some brides like to carry very natural looking, shabby chic kind of bouquets yet others prefer well turned out bouquets. It all depends on what you wantand what your wedding will be like.

Bridesmaids’ bouquets – You have to make choices concerning their bouquets too. Will they match yours or will they be different? How big will they be and what colours – ideally, they should be smaller than the bride’s yet they can compliment your bouquet in terms of flowers, colours and design.


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