How to stay slim – vital tips


Make it as a goal.

Staying slim is a process. You cannot just start it with a diet and stay slim – it takes work. It must become a lifestyle. Staying slim requires a lot of discipline and hard work. Here’s how you too can stay slim.

Disciplined eating

This is the basis of staying slim – portion control, eating less carbs and more greens, vegetable and fruit and whole wheat or grain based complex carbs are all steps in the right direction. Make sure you fill yourself with the right things. Giving up or minimizing processed food and fast food are needed. When you develop the concept of eating healthily, you will see your body responding.

Disciplined exercise

Staying slim also calls for regular and well-disciplined exercise. You should engage in exercise regularly to stay slim. Incorporate a daily routine into your day. Not just cardio but also look at strength training and stretching for optimizing your exercise routine. You will feel slim in no time – and feel the health benefits too.

Staying active

Being a couch potato will not take you on the road to being slim. Get out and stay active. Clean your home – garden. Take a walk. Cook instead of ordering out. Find things to do to stay on your feet. Staying active is a great way to work at being slim.

Hold yourself right

Part of being slim is to be able to stand right and hold yourself well. Posture is important – when you feel slim, you look slim. When you stand, hold your stomach in and feel tall.

Don’t binge

If you want to eat out on a cheat day, please make sure you burn it – also, it must be an occasional treat and not a regular feature. Binging can happen to anyone at anytime but be conscious of it and stay away from temptations.

Stay plugged in to like minded friends

Staying slim is important for not just you but your friends too so that you can watch out for each other. Encourage each other and celebrate weight milestones. Have joint goals of how much you will lose and stick to your plans. Together, you can achieve much.

Do everything in moderation

Whether eating or drinking, do it in moderation. Eat before you get hungry so that you know when to stop. Eat early in the day especially at dinner. Cook healthily and eat healthily. Choose healthy ingredients and stock up on wholesome products.

Drinking can ruin your plans to stay slim.

If you must drink, choose the occasional drink and avoid the partying that comes with it. Be conscious of what you have eaten or drunk so that you can keep track.

Staying slim is a lifelong decision that must be built on everything you do. You can choose the options and choose how and what you will do to stay slim. Remember that life is a journey and just like everything else, staying slim also takes a considerable effort but one worth it.


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