Why you should be concerned about your child’s sugar intake


Keep limits for your kids’ sugar consumption is a must.

Childhood obesity is on the rise. All over the world, children are becoming obese thanks to a diet rich in processed and fast food and of course, sugary drinks. All frizzy drinks contain tons of sugar. They are also habit forming.  When children consume these drinks and get used to a fast food diet, not only are their bodies’ deprived or proper nutrients but they are also inviting diabetes and heart disease.

Type ! and Type !! Diabetes is on the increase in children – childhood victims will suffer all their lives and will face complications arising from Diabetes.

It is best not to train children to consume sugar. It is a difficult thing but sugar can be addictive. Given the fact that sugary drinks and frizzy drinks have a considerable amount of sugar in them, not to mention in snacks and other types of sweet foods, children today are completely addicted to high doses of sugar in their daily diets. This has resulted in childhood diabetes and other complications.

You should be concerned about the amount of sugar in your child’s daily meals and drinks. Check for unhealthy additions – sometimes the so called healthy options are loaded more with chemicals and artificial sweetener that sugar. Check the labels. Try to use molasses or stevia as much as possible.  Honey too can be a good alternative.

Children should be directed towards eating healthily. Next time they want to go out to a fast food place, check what they are ordering. There is always hidden sugar in many fast food – and hidden fats too. Be mindful – read up on the ingredients commonly used in fast food. And as much as possible, stay away from fast food.

Children’s snacks can also be dangerous – cakes and pastries contain high amounts of sugar which needs to be checked. Always try to make snacks at home with natural sweeteners such as stevia or molasses. Try to get the children to eat home made meals as much as possible instead of fast food and processed food.

Try to make natural drinks like lemonade and orange juice instead of letting the children consume frizzy drinks. Watch out for snack breaks when they are most likely to consume fast food or frizzy drinks. Help them choose the right kind of healthy juices instead of sugar loaded drinks.

When it comes to sugar consumption, it is important to remember that children who consume sugary foods will continue to do so as adults. Obesity is one of society’s major illnesses – an obese child will be an obese adult. It is better to start teaching them to avoid sugary foods and stick to healthy alternatives.

When sending snacks to school, it is important to include healthy alternatives and make sure that children are given fruits, wholegrain and whole meal foods. When a child is trained not to consume too much sugar, he or she will remember it all their lives and will always make healthy choices.


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