Cinnamon – the wonder herb that heals..


Cinnamon, nature’s miracle spice…

Cinnamon, a spice that is peeled off the tree in the tropics, has always been a spice much treasured and valued even in the ancient world. It comes from a tree that grows in the wild and is known as Cinnamomum native to the tropical countries. Cinnamon from Sri Lanka is prized as one of the best in the world. It is still peeled off the bark of the tree and is carefully cultivated in communities.

Cinnamon is used to flavor food – from curries to desserts. It is added to perfume and is used to fight many infections, making it one of nature’s greatest spices. Cinnamon is said to fight fungal infections and is recommended to fight the common cold and flu.

Among the illnesses cinnamon is used to treat is Diabetes – experts believe that those suffering from Type II diabetes, are able to reduce their sugar levels and regular usage of cinnamon is encouraged. Cinnamon is free of side effects and can be easily taken daily – either dissolved in water or in tea.

Experts believe that taking around 6 grams of cinnamon daily can reduce serum glucose, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and combat cholesterol completely. Including cinnamon in everyday diet will also reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients, according to research. Doctors also believe that cinnamon may reduce fasting blood sugar levels in patients.

Cinnamon is also considered to be an ideal choice for those who regular consume meals high in fat percentage. Cinnamon in high calorie food can reduce the impact on the body, thereby encouraging weight management. It is also beneficial for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. In fact, researchers believe that it may prevent the disease altogether.

Researchers also believe that cinnamon can effectively fight the degeneration process caused by Multiple Sclerosis, eliminating the need for expensive and damage causing medications. Doctors also believe that treating wounds that take time to heal, with cinnamon, is also an effective way to treat those wounds.

Cinnamon is also being used to treat patients suffering from HIV – researchers are currently in the process of evaluating the spice’s power in fighting HIV.

Cinnamon can also help fight weight, enabling the body to burn more fat. It is considered a vital component in the battle against obesity, and can allow doctors to better manage a person’s weight, without side effects.

That’s not all – cinnamon may also be an appetite suppressant, which in itself can help manage obesity. Doctors believe that including cinnamon in the daily diet maybe suppressing the appetite especially in those who need strict weight management.

On the whole, Cinnamon is a miracle spice which can contribute in many ways towards incorporating it into our daily diets, enabling us to discover its miracle properties. For centuries, cinnamon has been treasured and valued and has been a spice much sought after. Perhaps the ancient world knew more about its benefits that we do today, with our access to scientific research and latest technology.


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