Replacing frizzy drinks with water can help you lose weight


Drinking water can help you lose weight. 

We are so used to frizzy drinks instead of reaching out for the water. Frizzy drinks are associated with an unhealthy intake of sugar but people still reach out for them – it is almost an addiction for most.

But if we really think about it, drinking water instead of frizzy drinks is not only healthy but good for our digestive systems as well. Water hydrates us and provides what our body needs. Frizzy drinks can be toxic, not to mention the tremendous amount of sugar in them.

People everywhere must have a frizzy drink before a meal – for some, a meal without a frizzy drink is not even thinkable. They are so used to it that they will not think of another option. Some deliberately forego fresh juices and other natural drinks in their pursuit of frizzy drinks.

Frizzy drinks cannot make you lose weight – rather gain what you don’t need. Yet water remains not only nature’s gift to us but also with drinking water on an empty stomach, can help you lose weight.

There are those who believe in the water treatment method to lose weight. Drinking water before every meal and first thing in the morning is considered to be a part of the water treatment for weight loss.

Instead of frizzy drinks, one can choose many other natural alternatives. King coconut water or coconut water make excellent alternatives. Cold pressed juices without added sugar and salt are excellent choices too. After all, frizzy drinks contain nothing more than carbonated water and sugar and do not contain any health benefits.

Losing weight involves giving up certain treats – frizzy drinks would be on the top of the list. They are habit forming so it takes will power to give them up. Make a deliberate choice to forego them. Always choose water over such drinks.

Start with a full glass of water as you wake up. Don’t drink tea or coffee until you have gradually finished at least 01 liter of water. You can wait for a while before having tea or coffee. Adding a slice of lime or lemon to the water is also beneficial.

Drinking coconut water in place of frizzy drinks is also good – coconut water contains valuable minerals and electrolytes that your body needs. Remember to say no to yourself every time you  feel like reaching out for a frizzy drink.  Choose to drink water always.

Losing weight is a process – there are things you need to eliminate from your diet as you plan diet and exercise regime. First thing would be to increase your water intake and give up your favourite soda and frizzy drinks. Start by reducing the intake until you finally eliminate all frizzy drinks from your diet. You will be surprised what a difference it makes to your body and to the way you feel when you opt for natural choices. Our bodies were never created for artificial man made ingredients which can ruin our metabolism.


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