Tips on protecting your little ones from predators…


It’s an evil world that we live in – little girls and boys are targeted by predators everywhere.

Unfortunately, according to the newest reveal, one in four girls and one in six boys are get sexually abused in a day in the world. So do you think that your kids are living in a safe environment???

As responsible parents, we all are bound to protect are innocent children from the evil pedefiers who are waiting to have their hunt.

Open your eyes and be really concerned about your kids even in the home environment as most of the kids get abused from know people who are around them.

1. Give them a safe and healthy home environment.

Home environment is the safest place on earth for a child to be. But because the negligence of the parents, many children are getting abused, sexually harassed when they are at home.

Parents should really care about the people who come to visit you and be close to your children always. You can guess when some people do unusual visits, or when some people try to over protect on your children and be with them in a strange way.

Neighbors, cousins, family friends are the people you can trust the most, but they are the people who can hurt your children the most.

So except mom, dad or siblings, who ever stay close to your children has to be monitored by yourself and also when your kids come to an age which can understand something you say, teach them to keep a distant with the strangers and the people except your own family.

Be with them; do not let them stay alone unless you know he or she is safe enough with the people around them.

2. Know where are them and with whom they are dealing with.

24 hours, you have to know where are they and what are they doing. I don’t mean telling by that to annoy your children and keep them chained. But you have to be tricky enough to do it without letting them know.

Children are innocent, and they love to see the world, move with the people, enjoy the life but also they do not know really the outer world and the danger of it. So even when they are in the school, you have to be concerned about the teachers, the friends they meet, the other people they meet.

And it is same with the extra tutoring classes specially, even when the teachers come home and teach they you should be keep eye on them.

Always, communicate with your children, drop them and pick them by yourself as much time as you can. But remember, not letting your children go to the society is a major mistake which many over protective parents do. Because, once they go to the society, they’ll be in more danger as they are not used to it.

So show them the outer world, let them experience it, but teach them how to be safe and protect their own selves when you’re not around.

3. Teach her not to misuse Internet or Media.

Do you think the children in these days can have a life without technology and internet? No way… they are born with that talent. So do not ever think to totally take away those things from your children. But what you must have to understand is to make them understand how to use it only for the goodness.

Teach the bad things and let them realize what kind of things will happen, if they misuse it, BUT, remember, in a polite way.

Being a member of social media is not a bad thing, but show them how to be connected with only the people you know, and how to keep the limits.

4. Stick to your rules for the safety of your child.

Remember, at a certain age, children, especially teenagers, are backward to listen to the parents. Night outs, parties, clubbing maybe their dream worlds but as responsible parents, you have a say to keep them at home, even forcefully when you feel it’s not a right thing to do.

The one who can even go to the parties like that, enjoy while keeping the limits and come back to home will be very successful in life. So you must always teach that to the children but at the same time you must know to handle it according to the age.


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