Online courses – pragmatic approach towards continuing the learning experience.


E-learning for empowering women.

Learning is the eye of the mind, by which we are guided. It should not be something that is attained by chance. It should be deliberately sought for with fervor and undertaken with diligence.

With the constraints of time, distance and last but not the least money, many aspirants have had to forget their yearning to learn more about their desired field. But in the recent times, since formal learning has been revolutionized by online courses, these hurdles seem to be surmountable.

Online courses enable distance learning via the web all around the world, thereby opening up an avenue to reach out from a distance to a whole range of scientific and cultural fields of study. Essentially, the online courses allow you to study from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the web, unlike the traditional courses. Moreover, with online courses, you are also enabled to fit and adjust your study schedule for the week, as per your convenience.

The fundamental elements constituting online courses will be

  1. Knowledge/information imparted via videos, URLs articles etc.
  2. Communication through quizzes, discussion forums or messaging
  3. Evaluation and assessment of the learner’s achievement

Let us take a look into the methods by which online courses are delivered.

#As the name implies, online courses are conducted totally and exclusively online.

#There will be a learning system provided for each field of study in the online courses. You will be given the access to log in to the learning system of your chosen field of study in the online courses. While you are at it, you will be enabled to establish communication with the fellow students and the lecturers, via discussion forums.

#In some online courses, there will be facilities for virtual class rooms,permitting the learners and the tutors converse with each other, exchange interactions on videos or participate in work groups.

# There is absolutely no necessity for you to make visits to the campus, while you are doing online courses. And you are still eligible to make full use of the services and benefits available at the campus.

# In some of the online courses, you me be required to give examinations at some allocated external designation or finish any group work or project at a given location.

# To provide technical or other kind of assistance regarding the subject matter and to help you improve your learning skills, there are advisers who offer support via Skype, in the website via chat or sometimes over the phone.

Is there any actual difference between online courses and distance education?

Technically speaking, online courses can be safely termed as distance education too. However, in there are instances where distance education may necessitate studying printed materials delivered through the post.

Benefits of online courses

You can do your online courses staying in the comforts of your home if you have access to the internet.

You can adjust the study schedule of the online courses as per your convenience.

In this age, when the use of mobile Wi-Fi rampant, there is no compulsion for you to access the online courses from your computer at home. You can study while you are travelling or even outside visiting any other place.

In case you are working, you can do the online courses without discontinuing your job or taking time off.

The capacity to learn is a gift and the ability to learn is a skill. But, the willingness to learn is a choice. Therefore, when we have so many avenues before us with doors opened widely, nothing in the world can stop us, provided we are determined to learn.


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