How to keep a good nanny


There’s a way of handling a nanny.

As you’re a multi tasking mom, who is taking care of your child, family, house work and also office work at the same time while doing so much other work as well. So sometimes, you miss being your own self because of the daily tasks you are getting every day.

And especially, when you have a baby, it’s really difficult to handle everything alone.

So getting help of a nanny to take good care of your child is the only and the best way. But most of the time, parents’ biggest problem is not knowing to keep a good nanny and fulfill the needs.

So go through this and have an idea on handling your baby’s nanny in a proper way.

Offering a reasonable wage.

They come for it. Most of the time, women do part time jobs as nannies as they hope to have a good wage. So choosing a fair wage is the most important thing, so always talk with your partner and offer her a good wage as she is taking care of your child when you’re not close.

Treat her well.

Even though she works for you, she is another human been like you. so treat her like you treat to your own sister. Build up a friendship and make her feel that you are trusting and treating her very well so, she’ll be never do a bad on you or your baby.

Be a giving employer.

Provide her the needs and make her happy. Good food as same as you have, gifts on birthdays, special gifts once in a way, and your time. She expects you to be taking care of her, spend bit of time to talk to her and treat her in a friendly way. And especially she expects you to be respectful to her privacy.

Appreciate her.

They need it. Admiration and appreciation is a life need to any person in the world. So give it. When she keeps your child happy, clean and healthy, appreciate her and motivate her. Trust me, she will give you the best care to your child.

Keep her under your ground rules.

Even though you treat her as a friend, let her feel that you are the employer and your expectations from her side. Set some rules. Punctuation and the child care rules should be reminded daily in a pleasant way.

Your flexibility matters.

Be flexible when she asks you for something, but in a fair way. For sicknesses, sudden incidents and life matters which she is in trouble, back her up and help her. By doing that, the trust between you two will be strong and she will be confident about you and do her job in a top level.

Be communicative.

Not only about our child, being a good listener to her for the circumstances in her public life. Cheer up her. Talk with her each and every day, for at least 10 minutes after you come home. Ask her about the day. Then she knows that your are always concerned about her and the baby.


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