How to stay young as long as you can..


It’s not only enough to be young at heart, but physically as well.

Anti-aging is always a hot topic that we love to talk about. The entire world is in pursuit of anti-aging remedies. Every day, there are new theories, new books written, new stories that give us hope. Yet there are theories that can help us in realistic terms and enable us to lead healthy, happy lives without worrying about staying young.

Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals is dangerous – especially skipping breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be taken with complex carbs such as whole wheat or whole grain cereals, fruit and dairy. Despite theories, as we age, we need a dairy input so you don’t have to stick to non fat variety. Full fat milk is ok as long as you limit it to a glass or in your tea.

Take supplements –

As we age, our bodies tend to age too. Calcium supplements are needed to keep our bones healthy. Taking glucosamine for stronger joints and cod liver oil supplements for stronger bones is also important.

Engage in exercise

Working out is important to make sure that our bodies stay healthy and flexible – strength training is vital. Stretching is also important to ensure you stay flexible.

Walk as much as possible –

Walking is an excellent opportunity that helps you stay healthy – walk everywhere as much as possible. Don’t run but walk so that you could build your stamina.

Rest Well –

Remember to rest adequately and this means getting a good night’s sleep. It is important everyday to go to sleep at one particular time and wake up at the same time everyday to build a predictable sleep pattern. Remember to take a power nap during the day too which helps you recharge. A cat nap is more than enough to refresh you.

Look after yourself

Buy yourself things that make you feel and look good – you are as old as you think you are. Go for that hair cut, get a massage, a mani-pedi. Life is meant to be enjoyed so have fun while you are at it.

Establish routines

Predictable routines that are familiar and comforting help a lot as we get older. They help us build our day on things we can look forward to. Making tea, making dinner, helping out someone – these are all things that help us to stay focused and keep our attention on what we are doing.

Remember that aging does not have to be a process that maybe dreaded. As we age, we become comfortable with our lives and are able to come to terms with things easier than before. So staying young even when aging is important – in your mind.

Age is not a limitation to anything – enjoy life, do the things you have always wanted to do. And above all, don’t let aging keep you away from things you admire and cherish. Go see that film, go out to that meal and have fun. That’s the way to live, after all.

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