What Defines Beauty Today?

What defines beauty in the 21st century? A woman’s beauty is a topic that never dials down in the society. Today, the li…


How to succeed as a female leader in business

For so long, business was one industry that did not openly encourage women …


Why you should take a midcareer break

When you’ve been doing the same old job for years at a stretch, it could be…

work relationship

How to deal with an unwanted office relationship

As the saying goes, “do not get your meat from the same place you get your …

Beauty hacks you can easily do at home

Time is one thing that most of us women don’t kid around with. Every minute counts. So it won’t come as a surprise if you say you don’t have enough ti…

family business

How to run a successful family business

“All for one and one for all.” Families generally follow this rule. They live and breathe each other because no matter what happens, family sticks tog…

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